Dept. of Computer and Science

Nanjing University

163 Xianlin Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210023

To Prospective International Students:

Thank you for your interest in joining COSEC group. Please send the following documents (and NOTHING ELSE) to

* A CV of no more than 2 pages, including:

— results of all standardized tests you have taken;

— your class ranking in college, e.g., No.3 out of 200 students;

— results of all contests you have taken (in computer science, mathematics and physics);

— list of courses you have taken in college.

* A digital copy of your passport (photo page only) or other government issued identity (again, photo page only).

* A brief study plan, no more than 1 page.

Please make clear whether you intend to study for MS or PhD. Please also understand that as a leading university, Nanjing University has a very high bar for completing its graduate program, especially PhD program. Think of whether you can complete the program, before you apply.

People who do not follow the above guidelines may not get any response.